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Lonesome Boy At A Gas Station

--by GypsyLover, posted Jan 25, 2012

I have been fortunate enough to come from a family that has always been there for me, no matter what. Like all other families we have our differences of opinions, our fall-outs, our arguments, but we always make up and all is well again. Even in my high school and college days – misbehaving in abundance – I had supportive parents who would discipline me, but always left the door open.

I was at the gas station filling up one day when I saw a boy in his teens. (I was a college student then.) I noticed there was something not quite right about the situation. He sat on the corner with his head hanging low. Then he saw a guy walking by and proceeded to ask him for change. The guy mocked him and laughed at him. 
I was so saddened by this. I walked over to the boy and asked why he was out on the street on his own.
He told me he had been kicked out by his mom and dad and had nowhere to go. I was so upset but I managed to say, “Well, I think you should try and work things out with them but, until then, here’s a twenty.” 
I walked away with tears in my eyes for the lonesome boy and a newfound appreciation for my parents, and the doors they always left open for their children.


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whitby98 wrote: Awwwwww, that's so sweet and generous. I sure hope that boy and his family were reunited. There's nothing but crime and desperation out there on the streets. Hopefully he's not a part of that now.
Busygirl wrote: Thanks for being a ray of hope and spreading kindness and love. Bless you!
erinvictoria wrote: I'm glad you told him to work it out with his parents; unfortunately not all parents leave their doors open. Perhaps that was a moment really meant for you; to appreciate your parents. Thank you for helping him with money, and i hope that if he had loving parents that your advice to work it out was what he needed to hear. I hope he took your advice. Just the fact that you noticed him and talked to him rather than mocking him and laughing is the true kindness that more people need to demonstrate to others. Kudos to you for knowing something was wrong and not ignoring that young man.
Glowworm wrote: That truly is a sad story, yet at the same time inspiring--in that you cared enough to stop and help. In the darkness, a light, no matter how "small," shines brightest :)
moral12 wrote: That was a great teaching moment for you; you learned to appreciate your parents, and, maybe that boy learned something from you. Thanks for sharing your story.
RMB333 wrote: That was very kind of you, it would certainly have given him a ray of hope! GLAD it has helped you to appreciate your parents MORE. Thank you for sharing & Bless you.
GypsyLover wrote: Thanks for your kind comments :) this site is an inspiration in itself. Reading the daily stories and ideas helps remind everyone to be kind, humble and grateful. It's an amazing site!
Bluxess wrote: I am sorry to hear this but I sincerely pray that the parents realize their grave mistake and take the child in with apologies ... He need be saved ... Thanks for helping him in the way you could ! Immense Blessings to you and my heart-felt wishes for the boy, Bluxess.
sabrina wrote: Maybe his parents were just angry for the moment and have taken him back.Reading about your family is like reading about my own. Thanks for helping the boy. Smilesss, Sabrina

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