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To The Airport, With An Unexpected Chauffeur

--by cabbage, posted Mar 29, 2012

My family was going on a trip and usually our neighbor would give us a ride to the airport. This time our neighbor told me she would be working but her partner - who is a recovering alcoholic and the center of a lot of past drama in her life - would be happy to help us. 

I mentioned this to my family and they were a bit hesitant. I didn't have to hear the words to know they were wondering - should we ask someone else? We don't really want him driving us, do we? Is he really ok now?

But I realized that this was an opportunity to show my friend that we trusted her partner, and an opportunity to make him feel like he was doing something good! So I explained to my family that allowing him to drive us to the airport would be like giving a gift to our neighbour - and they agreed! 
He had plenty of stories to tell so the journey to the airport was relaxed and fun. We all thanked him profusely when we reached the airport and we brought him back a little token from our trip.
I see him making progress every day now. Having never been around anyone with this challenge, meeting him has been an inspiration to me! And hopefully has also shown my family that people can change, and that it's important to reach out to someone whom others might ignore.


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LucyStar wrote: Thank you for offering someone a second chance and giving him the gift of being able to help you out!
Kitty Crazy wrote: Each one of us has a flaw, an imperfection or someone who views us as 'a little off' until they get to know the real 'us'. You may be just the person this guy turns to to help maintain sobriety. What a great gift.
Froon wrote: You took a leap of faith to help this man. You could have been late for your flight. You could have been in an accident. You decided it would be ok---and it was. Congratulations.
bilkis yusuf wrote: What a wonderful act which will change a person life;god bless you. We all must learn from this act what a little empathy can do to help someone regain confidence in himself
HappinessCountsT wrote: That was a wonderful thing to do i'm so proud of u. That was very brave of u and very thoughtful too. Thank you for being a good friend to this man. I'm sure that you made a diffrence in his life and his recovery.
sally1 wrote: It was a good deed. We should always try to see the goodness in the other person than blackmailing for the past events. This way we make them feel wanted and loved.
Randomact wrote: Well done to you my brother in law was an alcoholic and he is the nicest person on this earth, never judge the book by the cover just turn the page.
peanut wrote: It was very kind of you to trust this man,you gave him a chance & he proved you right. Very positive.
thaata wrote: Except for a few die hards, most people who have strayed off the normal would wonderfully become part of society but for the fact society does not give them a chance. You have done a noble act. Kudos to you.
Sydney wrote: That is a very positive way to look at the situation.

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