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A Simple Bowl To Drink From

--by sachineha, posted Mar 31, 2012

While buying milk from a nearby vendor my husband noticed an old lady walking by. She had a big sack on her head and two milk containers in her hands. She was walking a little ahead of him and, after some time, she sat down on the footpath, laid down her sack and tried to drink milk from the container. 

My husband thought that she must not own a bowl. So, he cam home and asked me to give the lady a bowl so she could drink her milk without spilling it. 
We hurried after her with a bowl but by the time we reached her she had already finished her milk. 
Seeing us there, she said something which we could not understand. We asked if she needed some food and she nodded her head. We came back home, made up two food packets and hurried back to her. She was still there. We offered her the packets and she smiled as if giving her blessings. 
No words exchanged, just expressions and gestures, but we came back home feeling lighter in our hearts.


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Readers Comments

KrystynaM wrote: I bet she will never forget your kindness, and that in itself is priceless.
bilkis yusuf wrote: What a wonderful deed of kindness, these are the humanatarian gestures that make this world a better place for so many of the unfortunate people who need support
Doriskinyua wrote: Wht a nice moment u had to express love en kindness esp ths easter. U really potrayed the true pic of jesus xst on tha cross. He was kind enough 2die 4 me en u. God bls u
thaata wrote: People need all kinds of help and everybody is equipped to help others. Only we have to introspect and open our hearts to listen to god and nature. We can see plenty of helping acts in nature, in animals provided we have the patience and time. We are in this gods world to carry out his good deeds.
Jacinda wrote: What a beautiful act by helping those who are less fortunate then us. Thank you for sharing!
bookworm58 wrote: Simple acts of kindness means a lot to people. Thanks for sharing
Joy wrote: How generous of you. Thank you for sharing with us. Many blessings to you.
icare wrote: Excellent way of understanding others needs. This is a gift from god which all are not blessed with. Keep on going.
windy wrote: What a nice experience you had! I think i will do the same things as you did.

For love!
Froon wrote: I am so glad you did this, and i hope to do things like it as soon as possible.

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