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Giving A Gift Card

--by Suzesunshine, posted Apr 3, 2012

I was leaving Walmart the other day and saw a young man standing by the exit. He was holding a sign that read, "Even 50 cents would help."  

My heart went out to him because he looked to be the same age as my son. I didn't want to give him money, so I decided to drive to McDonalds (about a mile away) and get him a gift card.  
I bought the gift card but when I got back to Walmart he was gone. I drove around looking for him but didn't see him.  
About a week later, in another shopping area, I saw a man in a wheelchair. He was in the parking lot asking for money so he could buy some food. I reached into my car and gave him the McDonalds gift card.  
It made him so happy that I decided to always carry a gift card to give to others I might meet who are in need.


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viswateja wrote: I like the way u helped. Appreciate it
Judith wrote: This is like the answer to a prayer. I've been searching for an idea that i felt good about to respond to homeless folks who occupy traffic islands and approach cars waiting at lights. I don't usually have cash at hand, and i've felt uncomfortable before, between a rock and a hard place, unsure what would be the best thing to do. The gift cards are easy to keep on hand for just such occasions. And they are a way of knowing that i am providing something that i believe in, rather than something that might actually compound the extant problem.
Maureen wrote: Thank you so much for this idea. I carry some one dollar bills in my car to give out, but i hadn't thought about a mcdonalds gift card!
Joy wrote: How kind of you and thoughtful. What a great idea. Many blessings to you.
sandra wrote: Thou shalt not steal. But that is exactly what i'm going to do with your idea - what a wonderful way to be able to share with someone in need. A food gift card, from any food place or grocery store is an excellent alternative to giving cash which, unfortunately, might be used for other than basic survival needs. No, i don't consider it stealing - just sharing your good deed, and thank you for telling us this tip.
Synergy wrote: What a beautiful idea! Thanks very much for sharing your experience, for your kindness and the inspiration. Blessings and smiles to you!
thaata wrote: Exchanging money leave one at the same stage whereas exchanging ideas leaves one richer. Thanks for sharing your idea and making kindness acts richer.
doris kinyua wrote: Smart act u did. It s always good to give agift card to them wh are in need. Thanx for remindin us of generosity. Amen
Storme wrote: It's a shame the young man wasn't there anymore when you came back, but it's great you had something to give to the other guy, that was a wonderful idea and very generous of you. Thanks for sharing this! :)
Baxter wrote: I'm agreeing with everyone else, and telling you are an angel on earth. And i'm going to use your idea and get some gift cards. Thank you so much for sharing your unselfish idea!

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