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A Homeless Woman Bought Me A Coffee!

--by kufda, posted Apr 10, 2012

My father and I started our morning by darting into the local grocery store. I waited on line at the Starbucks counter while he shopped around to pick up a few things. 

As I was standing there I became aware of an elderly woman, hair disheveled, wearing layers upon layers of old torn clothing, hunched behind me in line.
She had a few toiletries and seemed to want the Starbucks cashier to ring up since that queue was shorter than the grocery store queues were. 
At some point I became aware of her edging closer behind me - closer than I was comfortable with! I instinctively placed a hand over my purse and drew it closer to me. My fear and imagination raced creating wild stories about this homeless woman who might try to steal from me.

Then it was my turn to order. As the barista rang up my total I discovered I was 67 cents short. I called to my father but he is hard of hearing. He asked me to repeat what I said but he still couldn't make me out.
At that point a long, grey arm, with holes in its sleeves, reached over from behind me. She laid 67 cents out on the counter, saying, "Here, We all need some help sometime."
I was stunned! Here was a woman who clearly had very little to give and in great need herself. I had judged her wrongly and she had reached out, unsolicited, to help me! 
What an amazing gift and lesson this woman gave me about judging others. Thank You, God!!


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gkrb wrote: Wow! A lesson for all of us.
TXWildflower wrote: Wow! What a truly wonderful eye-opening story you shared with us. Many of us are bad of passing judgements by peoples outer looks. God blessed you in showing that you were wrong by thinking that way and he blessed her in letting her feel good by being the one able to give you the money you needed. I sure it made her day being able to do that for you!
bilkis wrote: Yes sometimes we judge people by their appearances, but many poor people have a heart of gold, and they are willing to share from the little that they possess
Synergy wrote: What a great experience indeed twisting the usual mind-set, making us aware of how useful it is to let go of assumptions and to become more aware of the interconnectedness of all human souls.

Thank you so much for sharing this. It is a very valuable reminder. Many blessings to you.
Nora wrote: Brought tears to my eyes. I few years ago i was watching a homeless lady push her grocery cart down the street, piled hi with all her belongings. I gave her a few dollars and asked her if she had a place to go. She said yes. I then asked her if she was happy, and she looked me in the eye and said "probably happier that you are. " she said she has god for a friend.
Day1212 wrote: Your kindness helped remind me how judging others (and ourselves) can keep people apart from each other.
khillcrest68 wrote: Wow, what a great story and thanks for sharing, at some point we all can learn about judging others, after all we dont want to be judged
rsmith4999 wrote: God bless you both. She for her generosity and you for your willingness to see her act as divine humanity in action and feel compelled by it. Thank you for sharing!
T O wrote: Well, i agree with comments about judging others. But, she might not have been poor nor homeless. Look at howard hughes, billionaire, people who were not in the know thought he was homeless. I taught at a prestigious school and some of the students who were the wealthiest dressed like homeless street kids. For each, his or her own. Besides, home is were the heart is. Also, in america, it is shameful that there are folks without homes,but on the other hand, there are some people who live outside as there choice, and are quite happy, too. They actually want to be there. And that is okay, it took me years to figure out that. I camped for one summer before graduate school for fun with a bunch of nomadic friends and had a hard time sleeping in a real bed in a building when it was over. I was genuinely sad. Society says we have to look like this and be like that. Be who you want to be. Perhaps this woman was quite happy the way she was. She could write a story about being humble.
Sandy M. wrote: This really was a great story. Thanks for sharing with us:) it will make us all stop and think before we make judgements on others based on their appearance.

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