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A Big Gesture to Help a Friend in Need

--by tacjohnson, posted Apr 12, 2012

My friend's husband left her suddenly, taking the car and leaving her with the mortgage.  She was left with 3 children to take care of.  

My friend had no way to get the kids to school and get to her job on time without a car. I told her I would see to it everything will be okay.  I wanted to do something to help her.

Later that day, I drove to her job and handed over the keys to a brand new Cadillac Escalade and the title.  This would mean she could get her kids to school and get to her job on time.  

The only thing I asked for in return was 1 dollar.

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Bluebell wrote: You are a seetheart. May all your days be filled with endless abundance and love, bluebell
Linda wrote: She was in a great place in her life she could help this other lady. God, opened a door, and gave her the opportunity to do so. It is really a blessing to see so many wonderful and kind people coming forward in the world to help others. That is what god wants us to do. Be more like him. Help others in our troubled times. That is what hevdid for us. Thank you to all the wonderful people in this world who enjoy reaching out to the world of kindness and compassion to love one another. May god bless you. Let's keep doing our acts of kindness to help each other.
bilkis wrote: If all of us thought about the people around us who need help and be generous and help, the world will be a better place to live in
shachan9370 wrote: Great story.

You are so kind and inspiring.

I hope you will get a return for anything kind you do.

Bless for you!

michelle wrote: Its nice to see people with kind hearts in todays world(:
SmileSharer wrote: I have read many amazing things on this site, but that is truly incredible! A car for someone in need. Wow. People on this site are so kind and inspiring! Smiles forever, smilesharer
Day1212 wrote: Wow! Your generosity is amazing. What an inspiration you are for me.
AAJ4Smile wrote: Wonderful, may you be rewarded generously.
ceasons wrote: It is great that you had been blessed enough to be able to do such a blessing for someone else.

I truly hope that you get the same return to you in many other blessings.
carolyn wrote: How great that must have felt for you! I'm sure there's much more to the story but delighted that you are in a place where you can be so generous (without flinching:)
I look forward to and welcome that place in my own life and the freedom and generosity it could make possible!

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