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Secret Agents Spreading Smiles!

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Apr 19, 2012

Today my champion-of-kindness daughter and I set out on one of our kindness missions. 

A while back we did some random drops of envelopes filled with a dollar, Smile cards, and a note asking them to pay it forward. Today we tried a similar experiment and it was my little 6 year old’s idea.
We put a different spin on it this time. She wanted to watch people open them, as last time we loved the few we did see. So this time when we left an envelope, we watched from somewhere nearby. We made sure to only leave them when we couldn’t be caught.
The first one someone grabbed and walked off. We only followed them for a bit and then thought it best to move on to our next “victim”. The second one we sat across from and watched. It was a family who found it. The skeptical husband thought for sure it was a joke and told his wife to take it to security. She didn’t listen and we laughed as we started walking away, still paying attention to her reaction. She smiled, read the note, read the Smile cards and gave one of them to her husband. 
Apparently I still have to work with little Rachel on being discrete though, as she stared the entire time. So much for a secret agent career when she gets older!
The third was our favorite. We were in the mall and left it on one of the tables in a sitting area. Then we took the escalator and watched from above. Soon a man and a woman pushing a stroller stopped to rest. She picked up the envelope, looked around trying to see who could be watching, then opened it. She didn't see us up above and looking down. The woman’s reaction was awesome! She smiled and kept looking around trying to see if someone was watching, and we could see her reading the note to her husband. Her smile and laughter made the whole thing worthwhile.
We didn’t get to see who grabbed our last one as we had to leave to get to Rachel’s Girl Scouts event. But we had a great time and I am very proud of my little kindness kid. She wants to do it again soon and rest assured we will! Spreading kindness is so much fun!



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debgarr wrote: How cute & you are both so wonderful. You are setting a great example for your daughter.
Aparna wrote: Sure kindness and good deeds are contagious. Today is akshaya tritiya and basava jayanti in india. My mother writes messages on the road daily and this is what she wrote:gold:g for generosity,o for oneness ,l for loving heart and d for disciplined mind equals to real gold. It is a practice to buy gold on this day and jai basavanna.
Bluebell wrote: You are both awsome what can i say. :-) have a fantastic week and keep on having fun and spreading smiles, bluebell
ceasons wrote: I love that you and your sister are joining in on giving at a young age.

May your life be blessed and you always remember to 'pay it forward'
LucyStar wrote: This was absolutely fantastic! It must have been so much fun to see their faces.
Synergy wrote: This is cute and awesome! I love how you let your daughter experience that spreading kindness can be a lot of fun. What a very valuable life lesson! I am sure when your daughter has become a grown-up she will cherish those experiences that she was gifted with by means of your positive intentions a lot.

Blessings and a big pat on the back! Smile
Ace wrote: Nice story!

moni wrote: Hi make sumone smile.

My hearty congratulations for bieng a proud father.

But, for her to become like this, you must have been the source ofr inspiration.

God bless both of u!

Busygirl wrote: I enjoyed hearing your story of the kindness you enjoyed spreading with your daughter (these are memories that will remain with both you and your daughter)
peanut wrote: You have a very creative daughter spreading kindness to others.

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