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An Surprise Gift

--by cappjoc99, posted Apr 21, 2012

Last week I went to a different grocery store than usual, just to check it out.  The person in front of me at the checkout was pregnant and purchasing a couple of containers of milk.  No big deal, she would be done quickly and I could be on my way.  Her method of payment was a WIC card and it kept telling her that it wasn't working.  A manager came over and told her to come to a different register, maybe this one was the problem.  After I checked out, I noticed she was still there, trying to get her card to work. 

It was obvious that the young woman was getting anxious about the purchase so I offered to pay for her purchase.  She was shocked that I had even offered and very humbly accepted.  She thanked me and I went on my way with a smile from her.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes and you never know when it will be your turn.  Today I found that it was indeed my turn.

I went kayaking north of the city.  It was a very hot, sunny day so I brought a large container of sports drink, figuring it would be plenty to drink.  I underestimated the drain the heat and humidity would have on me.  Before I got back to shore, I realized that I had finished the bottle.  I still had to get back, load the boat on the car, and it would be at least a 10 minute drive to somewhere to buy more to drink. 

When I got back to shore and managed to drag my boat to the car and get it strapped down, I was very hot and thirsty.  Seeing a water fountain, I figured my problem was solved... but it wasn't working at all.  So, I swallowed my pride and asked a family picnicking near by if they had an extra bottle of water, which they gladly gave me.  That bottle of water wasn't a big deal to them, but it made all the difference to me.

The little things that can be done for others don't usually seem significant to the people doing them, but it can be huge to the receivers.  Thank you to all the joyful givers who don't think twice about helping others!

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klench wrote: This is my first time giving comment of every story sent to me. The story about
'an surprise gift{posted on 21 april}is very true in fact i have learn a great lesson. And won't to urge all people in the world no matter the colour to help one another.
tiffany wrote: Thanks for sharing these two stories. I love the balance in them. What goes around comes around! :)
shachan9370 wrote: Thats true. Thank you for sharing!

Its really inspiring.

I see that nobody being poor when they give something to the others who really in need.

And. The extra point is when we are needing help. There are always a people who will help us back.

*thats a good karma. :) :)
Keep doing that! Wish you lucky always!
shullerka wrote: Giving is great! Receiving is just a way to allow someone else the pleasure of giving too! :)
peanut wrote: Thank you for these 2 great stories, they say what goes around comes around & in this case it is true.
moral12 wrote: Bless you for helping that pregnant lady purchase her milk, and, glad that you were able to get some water from that family when you took out from water.
Bluebell wrote: You are an angel. Thank you for your loving kindness. May all your days be filled with love, bluebell
Joy wrote: Love both of those stories. To give and receive with love is what life is all about. Many blessings.
unknown wrote: Yes, giving has this power ... and sharing has this added power as well ... Mysterious are the ways things come back ... I agree with you :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Giving is great! Receiving is just a way to allow someone else the pleasure of giving too! :)

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