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A Little Effort To Help Make Someone Happy

--by barneskm, posted Apr 20, 2012

During this last week in my city we had the Calgary Stampede.  It's a big event in our city with a lot of excitment for everyone, kids expecially.  There are rides and games that children can go on and win things. 

I decided on Friday that I was going to take my younger cousin so he could go on the rides.  As we were walking up to a big Euro slide ride we saw a little boy who was waiting to go up too.  The ride operated stopped him and said he was too small to go on alone. He looked like he was about to cry until I said to his mother that if she didn't mind I would take him on the ride with me and my cousin.  This seemed to make him happy and he really seemed to enjoy the short ride. 

It is a small thing to do but I'm glad that just a little bit of effort on my part made someone happy.  It made me happy in the process too. 

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moni wrote: Hi barneskm,
Its always great to see someone smile and the feeling is more stronger when the reason is u.

Can totally understand your intent here.

God bless
unknown wrote: No barneskin, you filled the spot of a father at that moment for him ... Its not small at all, its big, I would have felt the same joy like him ... might be I am able to write a few lines, but his ... is pure delight to even hear ... Thank you so much ... smiles together :):)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Bless you for being kind. It makes all the difference! :)

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