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Kind Strangers in Her Story

--by smile2day, posted Apr 24, 2012
I am in the habit of giving money to every beggar/homeless person I pass. My friends say it is not good to encourage begging and that all beggars have some measure of money to survive. It annoys them that I never listen :-).

One day, my friend and I were walking to the bus stop when I passed a beggar lady. I had seen her several times before and had always given her a few cents. That day, I gave her 2 Euros. I was waiting for the bus and reading a book when I looked up to see

that lady standing in front of me. She handed me a piece of paper covered in cling-film, to make it waterproof. It said she and her family had to leave their country because of floods, and she was struggling to support them. She had got a bit of money, but she needed 5 Euros to get home. I fished in my pockets and found 20 cents. My friend flourished a 5 Euro note. I asked her to give it to the lady, and said that I would pay her back the next day. When she did, the lady hugged us and blessed us, and went on her way.

Only later, in the bus, I wondered where her home was and how she had gotten to this country. But I didn't wonder much. Her story was her story, but I felt that my friend and I would always remain part of it, as the strangers, who helped her get home an a rainy day.
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debgarr wrote: I think what you did was great.
dette wrote: Very touching! Amazing how one act of kindness can make so much difference!
Davy wrote: Sometimes i am in such situation as you, facing someone begging for money. And most of the time, i would lend a hand, without caring who he or she is or what he or she will use the money for. To give makes me feel better. And that's it.
Alison wrote: I always give a small amount of money to anyone who is begging. I know that some may misuse the money for alcohol or drugs but that is not my problem. My feeling is that, whatever the reason for their asking, they need it more than i do.
Joy wrote: What a generous act of kindness. Many blessings to you and your friend. Thanks so much for sharing.
trueblue wrote: What a lovely person you are to be so thoughtful. I live in outer Sydney and never see such things as I rarely go to the must be a hard life for some of these thank god there a people like you to help make a difference in their lives (:-)
unknown wrote: All our actions don't always culminate to fruition ... so does helping beggars I suppose. When the time comes, a beggar transforms himself/herself ... and reaches the point of self-reliance ... who knows ... you both might have just contributed to this turning point :) smiles :):)
smile2day wrote: thank u soooo much people, for the comments. cheers,
Aurelia wrote: Your kindness was most welcomed and I love how you got your friend to participate too. I wonder if your friend will take your money or just say it went to a good cause. Keep on doing what you are doing and spreading such lovely kindness everywhere you go. :0)
giggleybrit04 wrote: it is people like you who make me smile. I love people like you. That was such an awesome thing and I'm sure you made a difference.

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