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A Smile for a Client

--by Hope1234, posted Apr 23, 2012

One of my clients lost her husband and sister in the same week. She has been very sad.

I called her the other day on some work related things and asked how she was doing. She sounded so sad. She told me that some days are really hard for her. She is 72 years old.

I asked her if there was anything she needed help with, and to please let me know. I asked her if maybe one day we could go out for tea. She was happy about that and thanked me. The next day I sent her a bouquet of flowers and I will definitely take her for tea one one day soon.

I hope it made her smile to receive the flowers.

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trueblue wrote: How beautiful.....Im sure you have helped ease her with your thoughtfulness ....Good on you! :-)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is very kind of you and I'm sure more appreciated than you even know!
iferlamb wrote: Excellent!
Aurelia wrote: That was so thoughtful of you. I am sure she looks forward to a visit from you too. Have a lovely tea.
:0) ~Aurelia

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