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His First Word Was, "Smile!"

--by sabriina, posted Apr 27, 2012

So right now I'm in Argentina and I gave away a couple of Smile cards. Some people didn't know what 'smile' meant because they mostly speak Spanish here. 

I was walking through a really poor neighborhood and a little kid was playing outside in the front yard. He invited me to play with him! I said yes because he so was cute. 
Then his parents came outside and said hello to me. We talked for a long time then, before it was time for me to leave, I gave a card to the little kid (he definitely was not more than four years old.) 
When he read it he asked me what it said and i told him that it said "smile" in English. He smiled!
Heres the best part: he ran towards his parents yelling, "Smile!" over and over again. They told me that was the first word he ever learned how to say in English! 
They thanked me. And that made me smile!


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isis wrote: He sounds cute, that's nice that you taught him somthing
unknown wrote: Wow :) what a beautiful word to learn first ... thank you so much Sabrina ... really this is so touching ... smiles again :):) together :)
iferlamb wrote: Terrific first word to learn in English! I agree.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is great! Spreading smiles knows no language boundaries!

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