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Doing Good In The Garden

--by adds, posted Apr 27, 2012

My mother in law was telling me about her neighbour. Doris is 79 years old and lives by herself since her husband passed away last year. 

Her husband used to be very proud of his garden and always kept it looking pristine. Unfortunately Doris isn't well enough to be able to look after her garden so it is very overgrown. 
When I heard this it really struck a chord with me and sounded like the ideal opportunity for me to help someone who needed it.
This afternoon I spent three hours sorting Doris' garden out for her. It now looks great. 
Doris is happy. I'm happy. Life is good!


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Readers Comments

Noor a.f wrote: That is great i too helped to carry 2sacks for small tomatoes seller. Sometimes ago
divanurse wrote: Flowers always will brightened her day and put a smile on her face. You too i am sure were smiling. How thoughtful.
Joy wrote: What a beautiful gift of kindness. Many blessings to you and doris.
isis wrote: That was great of you!
StarBrite wrote: You said it! Life is grand! And I know Doris is happy that her husband's garden is again smiling thanks to your kindness.
Bluebell wrote: You are a Garden Angel. Thank you.
Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
Aurelia wrote: Awesome! That's really wonderful for you to help a perfect stranger like that. You must have a green thumb and I know you have a heart of GOLD! :) ~Aurelia
unknown wrote: wow, you helped Doris recollect her beautiful moments with her husband ... great job adds :) beautiful :)
trueblue wrote: Awww what a sweet thoughtful thing to do for are a rare jewel indeed :-)
JuneBug wrote: And that is not easy work let alone 3 hours of it !!!! WHATTA KIND THING TO DO !!!!! :D

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