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12 Caring Women

--by bjames306, posted Apr 30, 2012

One year ago twelve friends got together and formed a group. We call ourselves “12 Caring Women".   

We meet once a month and take turns hosting the event. We each donate $20 except the hostess who donates $25 so we have $250 each month for a worthy cause.  
When we meet we discuss needs in the community and decide on a worthwhile cause. One month we donated to a single lady who was attempting to get a baby to the U.S. from Haiti after the earthquake. 
Over the past year we have helped many people in dire need. We work with the local Social Services organization as well as the guidance counselor at a local school to find people in need. If we don’t have a pressing need one month we give the money to the chaplain at the local free clinic.    
While we have helped many people we feel we have benefited much more from giving. I’m writing this in hopes that it might spur others to begin a similar group. 


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moral12 wrote: This is a wonderful idea: so glad that you ladies thought of it. Many, many kudos to you, especially thoughtful to give to the free clinic, guidance counselors and social services: they can help identify those in need. Bless you all.
Randomact wrote: This is brilliant. I would love to do something like this. Meeting so many kind people
Kara wrote: What a great idea! :)i know i blow $20 a month on things that probably aren't really necessary.

kobina wrote: Great one there. Carry on; because the world is somewhat harsh for some of us. Thanks great ones.
Mugwanya George William wrote: How can i reach them, god bless whatever they get their hands on.
parames wrote: Great job. Love can make change the world. Womens born to shine the world. God bless you all.
Joy wrote: What an incredible idea! Thanks for sharing. Blessings to all of you.
barbra1950 wrote: This brought me smile and the urge to give big hugs, so i gave my best hugs to my caregiver son joe! :) if i were not disabled in bed and had money! I would be doing as much as i could for others! I say, "spectacular job ladies! " "keep it going! " god bless you all! Please, be ever so very kind, patient and health wise to yourself always! Love and huge warm hugs, barbie
starryskies wrote: That's great! Good job! :) i first heard of "giving circles" in the november/december 2011 issue of green american.
debgarr wrote: Keep up the good work

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