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Birthday Acts of Kindness

--by Jacinda, posted May 8, 2012

I read a post by Bluebell saying she was going to do some extra random acts of kindness during September, her birth-month.  I’m in too!

On Saturday I volunteered at a rest home for a few hours. Every Saturday a group of my friends and I go around to the rest home and sit and talk with all the people there. It is amazing at what a difference you can make to someone’s day just by taking the time to sit with someone who is sick and listen to them and talk with them. They love you talking to them and as youth taking a real interest in them.

During September, I'm going to go around to the rest home and spend time with the old people every Saturday.

I also left a bright and happy thank you card and smile card for the cleaner who comes to clean my room every few days at university to show her how much she is appreciated.

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unknown wrote: Great job Jacinda, esp. with old people when they are in their twilight hours. I am sure they will remember you for a long time. Smiles together :):)
heartofflesh wrote: On thurseday I visited my mother's elders sister Yesodha (94)and spent some time in the evening.She was happy I visited her. It was an enjoyable evening. That is my gift for bluebell...thanks for your post....
Bluebell wrote: I am so happy that we have our birthmonth again. I can feel a rush of energy every time someone posts a birthday present :-) for us. Thank you in advance for all my birthday presents. Love you loads and Loads and loads, Bluebell
Aurelia wrote: Jacinda! What a wonderful idea. Putting aside 1 weekend a month and using it to make their day! Thanks for reminding us that we don't have to give something that cost our TIME means much more and will make a huge difference in someone's life. I'm sure they look forward to seeing you gals!
:) Thanks for sharing with us...and Have a Happy Birthday! :0) ~Aurelia
iferlamb wrote: Happy Birthday Jacinda!!! What a lovely gift to Bluebell. I just love it.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Good for you Jacinda! May you spread many smiles with this!:)

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