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The Connection of Being Human

--by serveothers, posted May 17, 2012

I have been reading a lot kindness stories.

Last week, in an unusual way, a stranger showered me with generosity.

At an Asian grocery store on a busy evening, I was shopping for the items I needed for my volunteer work of cooking breakfast on Saturday at a homeless shelter in San Jose. I went to the store to buy tofu and fruit. As I was waiting in  line to finish the purchase, the lady next to me approached me to find out how I was going to consume the big box of tofu I was buying. Enthusiastically, I replied that I was buying food for the homeless breakfast feed.

While I was getting ready to pay the bill, to my amazement, she offered to pay for everything. Despite multiple requests for her name, she responded that she felt good because I was doing the kind of community work her parents once received when they came to this country as refuges. Hence she wanted to take the opportunity to show her gratitude.

It was best reward I had ever received for my volunteer work, which began three years ago. 

In a strange way we all are connected and feel for each other. That's what I call being a "human."



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Neelam wrote: Touched, moved , inspired and motivated.

ceasons wrote: Thanks for sharing --- your time,maoney, talent and story.
Kamal wrote: Very moving story. Renews my faith in mankind.
mlab wrote: I loved this story. Cause my heart is to help others. That gave me hope that you are doing this, and that there are still caring people in this world!

God bless,
Blessed2BKind wrote: Thanks for helping the homeless, you are an inspiration. Blessings to you and your family.
bilkis yusuf wrote: I live in karachi, pakistan, there is so much poverty that young children about 9 to 10year olds pick up paper, plastc glass etc from the garbage dumps and sell to make a living. One day i decided to help and called two of the boys and handed them rs 100 each. I will never forget the look of happiness in their faces. I have decided to do this more often, it gave me such pleasure
lcollver wrote: Sharing is so important ,what a good thing you've done encouraging others here,those who want to help and are shy,those who cannot help and need help! My prayers are with you for the best!
sandra wrote: What a touching experience; you will be blessed for your kindness. You are helping others,but i also understand the lady not wanting to give her name. Matthew 6:3,4 tells us to let our giving be in secret. Would you mind if i shared your story with others?
Baxter wrote: What a touching story! You're right, we are all connected in some way, and we should all help each other. It always comes full circle.
moni wrote: Gr88 work ms. Serve others.

Cz ure different.

Kindly keep doing the same n help usin creating dt difference in pples lyfesss.

God bless u

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