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From An Anonymous Well-Wisher

--by cabbage, posted May 21, 2012

I just finished writing a Thank You card to a group that helps victims of domestic violence. Inside it I put some gift cards, for supermarkets, coffee shops, etc. 

Then I popped in a Smile card in as well! 

I loved signing the card, "from an anonymous well-wisher." I have always signed Thank You cards with my name, so this felt really different. 
Thank you all for teaching me the joy of giving anonymously!


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rainbowSmiles wrote: There are so many people and workers who deserve to be shown gratitude for all they do for others in this world. Thanks for reaching out to one such group and encouraging them to do a better job.
iferlamb wrote: BEAUTIFUL!! I love it! Your post makes me smile.
unknown wrote: Anonymity is strangely a joy in displaying kindness or whatever action concerned, done with love ... and done with no ownership or claim ... its a strange strength ...
Bluebell wrote: Maybe we can all make that suggestion to the beautiful people that make this site running so smoothly, to have a Smile, thank you card. Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Thank YOU cabbage for brightening the world with your kind heart! :)
sabrina wrote: Thats really nice. Your appreciation motivates them more. Smilesss, Sabrina
Aurelia wrote: :0) Keep Smiling and bring Happiness to others :0) ~Aurelia

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