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Clearing My Closet For The Street Children

--by forhisgrace, posted May 18, 2012

I like buying clothes from "flea markets." And my sister's best friend loved buying clothes for me as well! All of which meant I had plenty of clothes!

Then one day I looked at my closet and it was like a light suddenly shone upon me. VOILA! Images of homeless kids streamed into my mind. I thought of them begging on the streets to have something to give to their "guardians" back at home. My heart swelled and led me to a surprising act! 
I took several plastic bags and filled them with clothes, leaving my closet half full. 
I looked for my niece. (She is a teenager. Imagine her disgust! But she had no choice. She was grounded and couldn't leave the house without me.) I took her to the streets for some fun and adventure! 
It was noon and the sun was scorching our skin, but who cared about that? (My niece did!) 
There they were, like sheep without a shepherd. My heart broke. I thought to myself, "This was how Jesus felt when He looked at his followers and had sympathy for them. This is how it feels to have His heart beat in mine." 
I gathered my emotions and approached two kids who were about to approach me for alms. Awe was painted on their faces when I came to them even before they could tug at my shirt. 
I handed them the bags and they asked, "Ano po ito?" ("What's this?"). 
I said, "They are all yours. You share these with your family. Okay?" 
They didn't speak for a few moments but when they did, my heart was filled with a different feeling, like two big arms hugged my heart and sent a warm chill through my whole being.
"Salamat po, Ate! Bibigyan ko din po sila!" they said. ("Thank you, Big Sister. We will also share these with them!" And they looked at the other kids on the street corners. 
Wow! How quick it bore fruit! I gave to them and their first reaction was to give to others! 
I was so touched by the experience, and I believe my niece had a change of heart as well. She even said, "That wasn't boring after all!" 
To God be the glory!


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cindyK wrote: Great story! Thanks for sharing. I think i will start cleaning out my own closets now!
unknown wrote: ha ha ha good revelation for your niece ... Thanks elder sister for your kind thoughts and actions.
charie wrote: begets love, as you give to others, then the blessings overflow..May you have more as you lovingly share to others. Indeed, To God be the glory!
Bluebell wrote: Lovely story. Thank you for sharing. Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Bless you for your kindness! :)

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