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The Cab Driver On A Rainy Day

--by lovelightbug, posted May 26, 2012

I woke up the other day to a phone call from a taxi driver who had my friend's cell phone. 

My friend had apparently left it in the cab the night before. The driver had called others but I was the first one who had answered. 
It was a rainy morning which for cab drivers in this big city is a very busy time. He asked me where he could drop the cell phone off. I told him the street where I lived and quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed so I could meet him on the corner. I guessed that if he had taken on a passenger of two he could have made some good money from driving all that distance.
When he arrived I thanked him and blessed him for having such a kind and beautiful soul. I was so happy for my friend who had only recently moved to this country - and I could only imagine how important his cell phone was to him! 
I asked the taxi driver for his name so my friend could thank him in person. He said my blessings and gratitude was all that he needed. Then he drove off. 
I e-mailed my friend telling him I had his phone and then met up with him to tell him how I had received it. Along with the phone I handed him a Smile card on behalf of the taxi driver and myself. My friend smiled even wider after reading the card and said he couldn't believe such kindness existed in this big city. 
Now he can't wait to pay it forward!


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Sathish Kumar wrote: Very few good people are there in this world. All i want to say that, thanks god for your creation
Joy wrote: What a nice story of kindness! Thanks for sharing. Blessings to all of you.
venkat wrote: Please remember how a little of our carelessness costs others of their livelihood. I might sound silly but that is the true message embedded in this incident.
Blessed2BKind wrote: To take the time out to do something he didn't have to do and drive so far was very kind indeed. My daughter lost her phone and got a huge bill around $1,500 whoever found it used it to call another country. So for your friend to get it back is almost a miracle.
ritprecious wrote: What a nice heart. The world would have been such a wonderful place if everybody possesed this kind of heart. God bless the taxi driver.
Sundi wrote: Wow, this one brought tears to my eyes. Now i can't wait to practice a random act of kindness too. Thank you for sharing this.
annjav wrote: This is a wonderful example of what we are all hoping to see happen in the world. What an unselfish thing for the cabbie to do! Super!
Mfon wrote: Oh. My god' i'm 'humble' tnx 4 sharing dis story
bilkis yusuf wrote: It is these acts of kindness to strangers that make this world a better place to live in. These stories motivate others to do the same. Thanks for sharing
kimpdancer wrote: It's very rare to find a taxi-driver that generous and kind. What a beautiful person!

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