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Feeding Two Teens From The Dollar Menu

--by Aurelia, posted Jun 6, 2012

I picked my daughter up from school today. She was hungry and asked if we could stop at McDonald's so she could have a quick bite to eat. I said I didn't have much money, but she could order from the dollar menu.   

As we pulled up to the drive-thru window. A young man, about 16-18 years old, approached my car. He had a sad story about his mom being hospital and him having no money or food. 
I asked him, "What is it you want? Food?" He said he didn't care, anything would be good.  
So, I told him to go ahead of me and wait, that I would order something and bring it to him.
My daughter asked, "Mom, do you believe him?" I said, "I don't know if he's telling the truth or not, but I know he must be hungry or he wouldn't be begging at McDonald's." 
So I ordered a burger, fries and apple pie for him, and the same for my daughter. I also planned on giving  him whatever change was returned to me. 
I drove up to where he sat waiting on the curb for me and handed him the  food and few dollars. He said, "Thank you." I asked his name. He said, "David." I told him I'd pray for him and he thanked me again.
As you can guess it was the topic of conversation the entire way home. I think my daughter understood how I felt. It didn't matter to me if  his story was true or not, what mattered was that if he was in a difficult place and he was put in my way, I was going to help him.i
It cost a total of $5 but the good feeling it left was worth much more than that!


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jsmc10 wrote: Thank you for being there for this person :)
dubonnet wrote: Wonderful modeling of behavior
denisemj wrote: Wow! Truly amazing. Thank you for sharing :)
peanut wrote: Your daughter was with you & witnessed your act of kindness that was amazing, especially that you were low on money.
Busygirl wrote: Thank you for sharing and reminding others that we teach others by example. You have blessed others and reminded us all we need to act when given the opportunity to help without question.
madeusmile wrote: What a great teaching opportunity for you and your daughter...not to mention those of us here reading your story. I'm glad that he was strong enough to ask for help. Bless you!
smileon wrote: It's so nice that you can show your daughter an act of kindness by example. It will help teach her how to treat others in times of need:)
JuneBug wrote: I think if we see someone in need, we don't have to know their reason, just to act on it...which you did.Two tummies got filled with the love of Jesus thru you, Aurelia...:)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: You are always a great example of kindness. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don't know what it is. Thank you for always taking the time to care like you do. You are an inspiration to me often! :)

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