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Tip from a Boy Who Doesn't Speak

--by karma1, posted Jun 28, 2013
I was playing guitar in a cafe when two women with a boy about 8 years old walked in. The boy had a learning disability. He wandered over to me, mesmerized by the music.

As I played, I noticed that he wasn't able to speak. He would make excited and happy sounds instead of expressing himself with words. The women would call him back to them, but he'd wander over again.

After a few minutes, I gave him a guitar pick, and his face lit up. As he then reached into his pocket, his mother raced over, asking "Did he steal something? He's always doing things like that..."

As she was speaking, his hand came out of his pocket. In it was a quarter -- and with a smile he dropped it into my tip jar.
It is the best tip I have ever received.
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Shirley wrote: Thanks for sharing. Parents shouldn't be too quick to chide their child
Even if he is disabled -- a thief is not always a thief, if given an opportunity!
loretta wrote: Touching story. Thks for sharing
shiva wrote: Speechless appreciation!

I love that story.
isis13 wrote: Awwww. ! <3
lovelightbug wrote: Adorable. Beautiful story! :)
ufadave wrote: Thanks for sharing. Nice story.
skye wrote: Mothers are always afraid of their children's misbehaviour or acting in an embarrassing way. I can totally understand why the mother resoponded that way and how relieved she would be finally. Thank you.
Dali wrote: Beautiful story. Children can teach us adults many good things. Thanks for sharing.
Davinci PHARAOH wrote: Wherever a human-being exists, the opportunity do a kindness is possible.
Rash wrote: Lovely story! What a act of kindness. Thanks for sharing.

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