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Sunday Night Kindness Deliveries

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Jun 14, 2013
Last night was date night with my little girl. She wanted to conduct another Kindness "Special Ops" Mission for our evening. That afternoon, we made up some kindness envelopes full of a smile cards, a few dollars and a special note. She decorated the outside of the envelopes with smiley stickers and the words "Open me, I’m a gift for you!" She wanted to go to the mall and secretly place envelopes around to spread some Christmas smiles.

When we dropped our first one and walked off without being seen, the look on my daughter's face was priceless. She was beaming and had a joyful kick in her step. I love how she loves our kindness missions! For the next one, we sat down at a table for a minute, ready to scurry off and leave our envelope behind. The heavy sea of people around us made it challenging. My daughter is getting very good though at helping provide cover when we need it so we can remain anonymous. Practice helps!

Her favorite thing is to go up the escalator and spy on our envelope to see if we can watch it be found. We were only able to witness one last night, but it was fun to watch him open it. We had a lot of fun and we even left one for our waitress after we ate dinner. We are sure she smiled when she opened it, even if we weren't there to watch. Can’t get caught!

During our journey we saw the Salvation Army Christmas Angel trees. She was very excited to pick an angel from the tree. When we went to register it, Rachel gave all of her information. I saw how the woman smiled at her and loved that my little one understands the true spirit of giving. She even told the woman what we were going to buy him from his list. I just smiled and watched her do her thing.

When we got home, she excitedly told her Mom all the things we had done and said we had the best date ever. I couldn’t agree more!
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jsmc10 wrote: This is such a brilliant act to do with your child, i am so happy that she loves doing it too :)
cabbage wrote: Mss--
You are such a great dad! Hope you and your daughter had a lovely father's day, and i bet you spent it doing some more covert raok's :-) bless you both. Hugs and smiles.
josietn wrote: That is an amazing adventure! :) Loved your story.. :)
Bluebell wrote: Just reading you story made my evening, you know why lol ... Thank you for putting a BIG smile on my face :-) Love and Light and Endless Blessings, Bluebell
princessliz wrote: Im got excited while reading this :) I just love your mission ideas, and the little girls enthusiasm. Thanks, I'll take a note.
ps, quantum loads of love and hugs to you also^_^
unknown wrote: what a wonderful way to teach your child kindness! sounds like she already had a good example in you.....bless you both on your covert missions!
annjav wrote: I'd love to be watching you two do your kindness thing! What fun. I'm sending smile cards and money for good deeds to my granddaughter for her birthday. There isn't anything she needs, and she'll have a hundred times more fun helping someone else. She's a good hearted little gal.
moral12 wrote: Aww, sounds like a really fun time that you both had, and, what a great teaching example you have set for your daughter. Many, many kudos to you; keep up the good work!
RMB333 wrote: What a beautiful way to spread 'smiles'! Wonderful story - thank you for sharing! Immense Blessings to your whole family!
SmileSharer wrote: That gave me a big smile! God bless you and your daughter! :)

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