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The Math of Sharing Meals

--by appreciateall1, posted Jun 19, 2013
One day, I came across an elderly lady sharing her food with a dog. This made a lasting impression on me because she seemed like she didn't even have enough food for herself. Yet she still made the effort to share.

This got me thinking.  In my entire life, I have always had enough. Neither my family nor I have ever gone hungry. I often give thanks before eating a meal, but just saying words of gratitude at dinner or lunch doesn't seem like enough. I felt the need to do more. I wanted to share my good fortune with others.

As these thoughts brewed, I shared them out loud with my family. We did some math. There are four of us in my family. With two main meals a day, that multiplies up to about 56 meals every week. 
Based on these calculations, we decided to prepare and give at least 60 meals every Sunday to street children and adults.

We began about two months ago. Now, distributing breakfast to those who need it has become a highlight of our week. My heart fills up with so much joy and gratitude every time I witness someone's face break into a smile while opening his or her lunch. And afterwards, we all eat our own Sunday lunch with that much more contentment.

What a beautiful opportunity it is to get to share my good fortune with 60 new friends every week!
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Ravichandra wrote: Only pure mind can produce pure result.
Sisip wrote: God bless you. Your kindness shows, and be sure that when a new person meets you. Let your kindness be the first thing they see.

ofentse wrote: Having a good heart is something wonderful and gratful. Thanks for doing that and they really needed that food. God bless you.
Rash wrote: What a great inspiring idea! Good work. Keep it up and keep inspiring
kinderheart wrote: Great idea, sending you love and hugs.
denisemj wrote: This is beautiful!
Blessed2BKind wrote: What a great idea!
pex gonzales wrote: I am truly touched by your little story. Am actually writing book in values education and one of the subject matter is kindness to others. Please allow me to use this story of yours as an illustration. In return, i will credit you by citing you as one of my highly valuable sources. Thank you and can i get your full name, please?
Jan wrote: That is just wonderful. I wish i had the means to do that too. :)
unicorn.7 wrote: You and your family are doing for others in love kindness helping so many that are out there everyday just to be able to see there smile would give so much joy to you and your family you really touch my heart god bless you and your family

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