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Makes My Day to Make Your Day

--by MamaPajama, posted Jul 4, 2013
This website has inspired me to search for ways to help others every day.  I'm disappointed if a day goes by that I can't think of a simple way to make someone else's life a little easier! 

Today, I grabbed a quick lunch at Jack-in-the-Box.  While paying at the drive thru window, I remembered all the stories I had read on this website about paying for the person in line behind you - so I decided to do just that.

When I asked the cashier to ring up the car behind me also, she gave me a puzzled look and asked if I knew the man in the car behind me. 

I smiled and replied, "Nope".  She gave me a warm smile in return and proceeded to take care of his bill along with mine. 

In my rearview mirror, I was fortunate enough to see the reaction of the shocked gentleman behind me.  After he found out his meal was paid for, he flashed me a big smile and gave a wave out his car window.  

That was enough to make my day! 
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RMB333 wrote: What a lovely surprise! :)
Such a beautiful memory! :)
Bless you!
palak wrote: Goooood keep it up
sarah wrote: Awesome. Imagine how great it must feel to be on the receiving end too!
unicorn.7 wrote: Just to see him smile yes keep the kindness going ty for sharing
cabbage wrote: You are awesome! Thank you for sharing this :-)
lujiali wrote: k
Rash wrote: Awesome job. Thanks for sharing with us.
Bill lee wrote: Wonderful! I am thinking of doing that,either.
Twinkle wrote: I really love what you did at the drive thru - (((hug)))
nora wingate wrote: I have always loved suprises good for you.

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