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When Smile Cards Burn Holes in Your Pocket

--by whitby98, posted Jul 10, 2013
I had my last smile card burning a hole in my pocket this morning. :)
I was wandering around Goodwill and stopped to look at the costume jewelry.  This young girl was looking as well, and she immediately started talking to me.  We chatted about the jewelry and she asked if I could untangle a necklace for her.

Then she blurted out that her friends were wondering why she seemed so depressed lately.  I asked her if she knew why and she said no. Then I asked her how old she was.  "Fourteen," she answered  I laughed. "That might be why," I replied, laughing.

"My stepfather is always depressed, too," she said, "and he's in his mid-forties."  Being that age and knowing that feeling myself, I laughed and joked, "Maybe that's why he's depressed too!"  The girl ended up picking out a couple of necklaces and wandered away.  I didn't see who she came in with, if anyone.  I started thinking about how lonely she seemed, given how easily she started confiding in a stranger.

After I paid for my things, I went back to find her.  I told her I wanted to buy her the jewelry and handed her five dollars.  She was taken aback and thanked me.  I also handed her the smile card, and told her to make sure she read it.   I hope this small act of kindness made her feel less alone and more loved.
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Chaw wrote: Thank you. Thank you. For being such a nice person to a girl at sensitive age.
SurrenderCj wrote: You brightend her day ,and believe or not,there is a difference,even just a few.
kinderheart wrote: You are wonderful and this is not a small act, it is big for that girl. God bless you.
erinvictoria wrote: That made me smile. There was a reason the two of you connected. I'm sure she will never forget you, and i'm sure she will follow your lead and connect with other people in a positive way.
cabbage wrote: Thank you for connecting with her, for being open to listening to her, and for making her feel loved.

Big hugs to you.
Beebs2013 wrote: If i was that girl, i know i would have gone home feeling extremely touched by that unexpected act of kindness and happy :) thank you for being so nice.
josietn wrote: What a wonderful connection you made with that young lady! I pray when she passes the card on, she feels as warm inside and is driven to do more good deeds as well.
moral12 wrote: You showed up like an angel in her day, I'm sure. I know the Smile Card would have improved her day; bless you for taking the time to care.
AURELIA wrote: So sweet of you. Sometimes we need someone to lend a listening ear. You made her feel special... I'm sure she will find a way to pay the kindness act forward! :0
) ~Aurelia
SmileSharer wrote: That was so kind of you! It feels so good in this world to be able to sometimes just talk to a person, even if you don't know them. I'm sure she has been inspired by you and will use that smile card. :)

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