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A Conspiracy of Blessings

--by The Blessing Conspirator, posted Mar 20, 2006
Thank you for this wonderful website and your anonymous generosity. I've linked to you at my own anonymous generosity project blog and I plan to return often for the heartlifting stories. I may also include your Smile Cards in my Blessing gifts. I hadn't thought of asking people to pay the generosity forward till visiting your site.

The Blessing Conspiracy project is based on the concept of gifting my community with random acts of kindness and creativity. My personal bliss is based in creativity and generosity. If I ever become financially abundant in such a way that I could do what I want with my time, I would spend my life making beautiful things and giving them away. For now, I will use what little abundance I have left from my day job after meeting my family's needs to fund the project.

The project will begin this week--maybe today--as I leave small wrapped packages with beaded snowflake ornaments and decorated "treasure" boxes in random places in Eureka, California (restaurant tables, newspaper boxes, public bathrooms, etc.). These packages will include a label with a link to this blog so that the recipient can come here and learn about this project, as well as leave a comment about their gift if they so choose. I may post images of some of the art I distribute, that seems the best way to make a place for recipient comments. I will also distribute small collections of my art pieces to local community agencies like the women's shelter or rescue mission. I believe EVERYONE needs a little beauty and generosity in their lives.

I have no investment in what becomes of my art once it leaves my hands. My only desire is to send an energy of peace and kindness into my community. Whatever happens to each piece of art, I know the energy of my act is leaving a ripple effect of love in my community.

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Tulip wrote: Interesting view
jsmc10 wrote: Sounds so great :) what's your blog link if it's still active?
vm wrote: that's a great way to put out beauty and kindness in the world! great project ...

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