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Breakfast Made All The Difference

--by trionafaye, posted Aug 6, 2013
For many years I worked in a downtown public service organization. Through my work I would encounter so many people going through difficult times. Our doors were open to women and their families for any help we  could give. 
We had a public cafeteria on our main floor with huge windows looking onto street. A number of times I saw a man passing by who looked as though he was struggling in life and may even have been homeless. He would come into the cafeteria occasionally, order a coffee, then sit and sip it quietly in a corner. He often looked longingly at the home-style breakfasts being served. 
I was personally struggling with finances as our wages had been cut again to keep our organization open. I had planned to treat myself to a breakfast that day, but when I saw this gentleman was there I decided it was my day to treat him.  
I ordered the breakfast from the cook (who was a lovely person) and asked her to deliver it to his table but not say where it had come from.
She delivered the breakfast and, from where I stood in the doorway, I could see her speaking to him. He seemed to be saying, "For me?"  I watched him looking around as though he couldn't believe this had happened to him. He was hungry and as he ate he began to sit up straighter and he looked better as though a prayer had been answered.  
I was thankful to be able share with him that day. 
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debj wrote: Hugs to you. You are an angel on earth!
Mish wrote: Your share with him was beautiful. For him & for you. Blessed be.
neil wrote: It is great to give when you have but to give when you have not is so much more amazing!
cabbage wrote: You are an angel. BIg hugs to you.
Bluebell wrote: Thank you for your loving kindness. Love and Light and Endless Blessings, Bluebell
Glowworm wrote: God bless you for that! That poor man probably needed the boost (not to mention the food!)

Giving when things are tight. That is a very selfless thing to do :)
moral12 wrote: How very, very kind and thoughtful of you to take the time to donate your breakfast $$$ to this needy gentleman. Kudos to you.
princessliz wrote: Prayers go up-blessings come down. You were his angel that day. God bless you.
cyrilsmom wrote: hello earth angel...smiles and kbs comming ur way.
cyrilsmom wrote: hello earth angel...smiles and kbs comming ur way.

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