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A Tire-d Kindness

--by kathrynduke, posted Aug 7, 2013
Money was tight- and then one of my tires blew out!   
I managed to pull into a parking lot and park safely before trying to figure out what to do next. A  new tire wasn't exactly in my budget but it was going to have to be worked in somehow. Then there was the additional expense of having to pay someone to come out and fix it.
Another car pulled in right behind me and a man and his young son got out. He offered to change the tire for me, but I told him my spare was in the trunk, already puntured.    
He offered to take me and my spare tire to a repair place just a mile or so away. There they put a new tire on the old rim and he waited for me. Then he took me back to my car and put the new tire on. 
From talking to his son I learned that they had been on the way to the movies. Now they were going to be too late.
I slipped some cash to his son to show my appreciation, but just as I was getting ready to drive away he rushed up to my passenger-side door as if he had something important to tell me. When I rolled down the window he dropped the cash on the seat then waved goodbye to me!
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Readers Comments

debj wrote: Very touching. Love, light and blessings!
rash wrote: Awesome experience. This taught you real value of humanity than any reading can ever taught you in your life. Thanks for sharing!
Eileen wrote: I had a similar experience and wanted to tell everybody. The two young men were obviously just leaving work and helping me must have made them late home. There are some good samaritans still. Its lovely to know. The world is still a wonderful place.
Mish wrote: Road angels :)))
Bluebell wrote: Thank you for sharing such a lovely story. Love and Light and Endless Blessings for all of you :-) Bluebell
Glowworm wrote: BEAUTIFUL! That was just a beautiful, kind thing to do. Thank you for letting this man's acts be known to us. It inspired me, it truly did :)
moral12 wrote: Aww, your angel showed up just at the right time for you. Bless this man and his son; glad your tire situation worked out for you. Thanks for sharing the story of your good fortune with us.
princessliz wrote: Kindness troopers are every where :)
annjav wrote: What a nice thing to have that gift of time and muscle-power! Blessings on them both! And thanks for sharing!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a great kindness story! I always love it when someone sacrifices their time (like the movie here) to help out! :)

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