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Twin Tantrums Tamed

--by gglockwood, posted Aug 8, 2013
I was walking down the street when I saw a mother with twin boys. The boys were laying on the sidewalk having tantrums. The mom tried to calm them down but they paid no attention to her. 
I make vintage beaded jewelry and had a new necklace in my pocket. I had just made it and wasn't sure if it was finished so i was carrying it to get the feel of it. 
I looked at the mother still trying to calm down her sons and then I handed her the necklace. The mother looked at me with a confused look. She said, "Thank you, but I can't afford this." 
I told her there was no cost. I was giving it to her! 
The smile and the gratitude in her eyes were enough payment. Ohh ... and her sons saw me giving their mom the necklace. They both stopped crying, got up, and went to their mother to see what she had been given. 
Everyone was smiling when I left.
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Readers Comments

debj wrote: Very inspirational~ thanks for doing this.
emsyvaf wrote: Lovely :-)
Mish wrote: That was wonderful! :)))
Bluebell wrote: That was really sweet, and a great way to distract the boys, a double blessing. Love and Light and Endless Blessings, Bluebell
Glowworm wrote: Good work, friend! You are like the Good Samaritan in the Bible. Everyone else looked the other way, but you stepped in and helped meet a need. Who knew that it would calm the boys down as well? :D

God bless you for your kindness. May it return to you tenfold.
moral12 wrote: The spirit moved you to make that generous gift of your artwork! Happy ending for the mom, joy for you in giving. Thanks for sharing your story.
princessliz wrote: That's how its done!! The Twin Whisperer! Good going! :)
annjav wrote: The "twin whisperer"----good one, Princessliz! I'm so happy that your spontaneous gift settled the troubled waters. It is always tough for a parent when children act up in public.
cyrilsmom wrote: so nice of u
newbroughv wrote: Nice! I did a similar deed with a Hot Wheels car I had in my purse and an impatient young boy at K-Mart :)

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