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Carnations with a Smile at a Supermarket

--by Kat C., posted Mar 23, 2006

Every since I was little I loved doing things for other people. As I got older I began doing random things for people. For example, during holidays, such as Christmas, I would make out an extra card along with the ones for my relatives. Then I would go and find someone in the grocery store and just hand it to them and walk away! It was so much fun. Although I admit, the first time I did it I was so nervous. I didn't know who to give the card to. So I said a little prayer and knew that the right person would just appear...about that time an elderly man ran into me with his shoppping cart!! It was an accident, and he apologized a million times! We smiled and he walked away, and I knew that he was the one! Later I found him in a different isle, handed him the cards, smiled and said Happy Holidays, then walked away! It was so great, and the feeling I had afterword was unexplainable!

Then one day I stumbled over your website (the coolest website ever) and ordered some Smile Cards! When they came in, I started a new project. When I go into a store, I locate a person who I whink needs a smile! Then, I buy a floweer, a carnation to be exact, and wrap it in the most beautiful paper they have. I tie lots of ribbons on it to make it unique, and then slip the smile card into an envelope and attach it to the flower. After that, I pay for it and explain to the cashier who it is to go to (I live in a pretty small town so it's easy to get the help of the cashiers). They then give it to that person when they come through!Once in awhile I'll buy the flower and then just leave it for the cashier! That gets smiles!

My favorite time was when I picked out this elderly woman who was walking around the store somewhat confused. I had came across her numerous times and she only smiled ~slightly~ once. When she came to the check out (I was watching from outside) her face lit up and the smile was the biggest I had ever scene! Later that week the cashier that I had had help me told me that the lady had been so suprised and while she was walking out with the grocery bagger to her car, she was planning what she was going to do for someone else! It was awesome!

I absolutley love the random acts of kindness cards. I keep at least two in my purse and others in my car, locker and everywhere I go. As I mentioned, my club, (STARS), is doing a Random Acts of KIndness Project with the smile cards so they also are using them. I look forward to hearing about their success. It's really neat. I even used them in school, I bought my entire math class cans of pop after lunch one day. They came in from lunch and a can of pop and a smile card were setting on their desks that say. It totally lightend the mood in the class that day because we were studying for a test! Thank you for all of the help that you provide. The smile cards are a great program that bring smiles into the lives of many!

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Rajni wrote: Along with holidays, you are celebrating humanity and love for others. You did a very good job
outdoorsy wrote: Reading your story has made me think of times where i have tried to be kind but it was so awkward. Once i bought a little bag from hallmark with a little gift inside and it was a bag that the person i gave it to would then have to pay it forward. I had no idea who to give it to and i felt so awkward and somewhat embarrassed that it took me a while to give it away. Another time i was trying to find a homeless person to give money to in downtown chicago and i had wanted to ask how the person was doing and what they might need but i couldn't get myself to do so i just left a $50 bill in the cup the person was holding. I know i'm doing something nice but picking someone is hard for me. But you have taught me to just say a little prayer and that the right person will appear. Thank you so much for your story and kindness!
dhivyashana wrote: Awesome :)
RN Arora wrote: Great idea! Thanks ks.
Praise chimene wrote: Woow tthats good and l love your idea may god bless you
Syd wrote: What a fantastic idea! I will do it this year!

Thank you for sharing!
ChristineAZ wrote: Beautiful!
jkmcclure wrote: This was great, thank you:)
Rosh1227 wrote: I did something similar at my school parking lot with the cars! Great idea!
BlueSkies3 wrote: You are simply amazing. :)

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