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You Could Be My Son

--by Bluebell, posted Jul 28, 2012

The other day I was in town with my daughter and we saw this man sitting on the ground, looking sad and like he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Before I could say anything my daughter asked if we could give him some money. (He had a hat on the ground with some coins in it.) 
So, I gave her some change. At the same time an elderly gentleman bent down towards the man, said some words, and gave him some money. 
I was very much touched by the gentleness of the gesture. It was as if the older man was saying, "I am helping you because you could be my son." 
It was a very hot day, which is not very normal in our little town. We were going to the supermarket and my daughter asked me if we could get some water and something for the man to eat. I said, "Yes." So we bought a bottle of water and a couple of pain au chocolate. These are my daughter's favorites, but she she preferred to give them away! 
She gave these things to the man in the street and when she returned she had a huge smile on her face!


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Paul Worthington wrote: Giving to others is our family best expression of our love for fellowman.

Please visit our family blog: www. Cop-a-squat. Com

This week's post is about rex, a dog i had as a teen. Heartfelt story, a must read.
Marjorie wrote: Wouldn't it be wonderful to do a kindness for 1 person every day? Pretty soon everybody would be giving and receiving and the world would be better
For it. God bless.
bubblehugfairy wrote: We can do a kindness for 1 person every day and then it flows forward. I give free hugs to the homeless (and others) and every time the response is, "that was worth more than any money you could have given. " i may not always have money to give, but i always have a hug to share. <3
denisemj wrote: What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing :)
momov3 wrote: Bluebell, isn't it the best when we see our children following our lead in giving random acts of kindness! What a great example you are to your child and also to those who are blessed to know you in real life
Hugs & gratitude for you being who you are! <3
MC wrote: As i read your story, tears streamed down my face. My son struggles with drug addiction and truly that could have been him. Thank you all for your kindness. I believe we are all one and by your acts of kindness, you have deeply given to me. Thank you!
S.D.Mohan wrote: This is the right way of culturing children.
irock wrote: Your daughter rocks. What a beautiful gesture. The little ones of the world give me hope and lighten my heart!
George Payatikat wrote: Your child is great and you are greater for she has learnt the spirit of what you taught her. May god bless you both.
Kestra wrote: This was really a blessing in disguise.

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