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"Just A Smile, Sister!"

--by cabbage, posted Aug 2, 2012

I was walking along a sidewalk in the city. A bit of a distance away I could see a woman walking along with a big signboard around her neck. I was naturally curious about what it said, so I deliberately slowed my pace so I could see.

It read "Trust in Kindness," and I smiled at the lady as I walked on towards my building.

She looked at me and said, "That's all I'm looking for ... just a smile, sister!" 
That totally made my day!   


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Marline wrote: I love it. It made my arvo
Joy wrote: How sweet love it! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the smiling!
flexyguy wrote: Thank for delightful story,its realy intresting to share along with us.
denisemj wrote: What a delightful story. Appreciate you taking the time to share :)
Tasneem wrote: No doubt a simple 'smile' can work wonders. It acts as the best source of happiness-totally free of cost.
bubblehugfairy wrote: Smiles are infectious, in a good way! :) i carry my free hugs sign every where i go; i always have it in my bag. Amazing how many smiles come from that sign :) and hugs too! Yay!
1golddragonfly wrote: Very cool! Thank you for sharing this with us.
mikeywho wrote: I deliver flowers in naples fl. From nov. -may. A women said to me,you have the best job in the world,you ride around all day and make people happy,she said with a smile.
Kristin wrote: Yes kindness is beautiful and loving kindness is everything from our mother earth who smiles to us all and everyday.
princessliz wrote: Flowerpower, the day we meet, even with Bluxess, and Barbie whom I've recently connected with: Kindness Explosion! hahah! :D

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