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A Day Full Of Blessings

--by Mums, posted Jul 31, 2012

Some days are just so full of blessings you don't know what to do! Today was one of those.

My neighbor needed to avoid a utility shut-off, so I helped her round up the money to cover it. It was mutually beneficial and not really a favor but she appreciated the help. (I bought some stuff from her that she had no use for but I would have probably purchased anyway.)   
When I got home I found a wet $20 bill plastered to the ground in the street. 
Another friend had coupons and rewards and treated me to a good movie and wonderful dinner at a little cafe. At the diner, I saw a man and his three adorable little girls having a frugal meal. He looked a little stressed, so I used the $20 bill I had found and paid for their meal. 
The waitress was so surprised by this that she wanted to hear the whole story. It really seemed to make her day.
When I got home again my oldest daughter was there with a sinfully rich chocolate pie she had made and brought over for us to try. 
No sooner had we enjoyed a cup of coffee and a slice of pie than another friend called and asked if it was a good time to drop off some groceries she'd been given but won't likely eat. 
Sometimes the incidents of one day just make you wonder what you ever did to deserve such a bounty of goodness.


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Jami2D wrote: You deserve it just for the fact that you recognize your daily blessings:)
moral12 wrote: Your day of kindness acts (given and received), was absolutely amazing. How cool was that? Thanks for sharing your joyful day with us.
AURELIA wrote: The kindness "ripples" go on and on! Thank you for starting it with your kind act towards your neighbor. I totally enjoyed reading your story of the day's events! :0) you made me smile! ~aurelia
Joy wrote: Thanks for sharing that special day with us. What an example of kindness circulating.
Tasneem wrote: It's really nice to read about your special day. It inspires me to learn a lesson and be helpful to all as much as i possibly can, not for any reward except the happiness that will be there after being a useful member of society.
denisemj wrote: Your cup runneth over! How wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)
Mirinthia wrote: Wow. That was an amazing day! Thank you for sharing the reality that what goes around comes around.
tamie deel wrote: God bless us all but an extra hug out to all the kindhearted ppl out here <3
JoyNow wrote: Fabulous day. Love, love, love it! Very inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing it. I love how one thing overflows and affects so many.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a great bunch of experiences! Kindness is everywhere! :)

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