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Top 10 Stories of 2012 - Story #8- Turning Grief Into Giving

--by gmatorie, posted Dec 24, 2012

Twenty years ago I lost my son. 

My friends decided that I needed to get out at least once a week and so we started going for coffee. Those friends helped me get through that terrible first year and still continue to help me.  
We decided that we would try and help people when we could. So, we take a collection each week and then decide what to do with it. We have paid for breakfasts, helped an elderly man fill his oil tank, bought Christmas gifts for needy families , helped fire victims, and sometimes just sent flowers to someone who was feeling blue.  
We usually do this in a way that no one knows and that makes it even better.  
We also have a yearly tea at my house the first Saturday in December to start the Christmas season. We have been Secret Santa to three people and each year we try and do something special for someone.  
I am thankful for my friends and we just want to pay it forward.


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Petroskryf wrote: It's wonderful how we learn to rise above our sorrow. The grace is in the giving.
thaata wrote: It is said love hurts but not true. Love really heals. The love of your friends gave you strength to overcome your loss and together you made lives of others a little more better. Bless your heart.
tsr wrote: I've been reading more and more stories like this and every time i don't think my heart could fill with more love. Thank you for your kindness. This reminds me of the story out of midland, mi where the entire community is paying it forward to others in the name of a young boy taken by cancer (jayden lamb).
cinnamonhead wrote: Your son, i'm sure is proud that you have done something so positive for all these years, god bless.

Mobobacas wrote: Thank you for sharing your story, it inspires me to have the same kind approach. Be well.
Vallabhi wrote: A very good approach indeed. Bless you, take care
jsmc10 wrote: Such a wonderful idea that stemmed from something so tragic, thank you for sharing :)
Jami2D wrote: Good idea. Way to kill two birds with one stone, socialize and do you and your friends good and share with gifts for others and make them smile and in return your left smiling again:)
bilkis yusuf wrote: What a wondeful way to help others and in return god helps u get over your own grief, may god bless u for your kind deeds
debra wrote: Hi i have been battleing breast cancer i went through 16 weeks of chemo and 34 weeks of radations, it has been very hard on me,but god has walk me through it all. I owe alot of medical bills. I am behine on my home. I raise two grandchildren. I am disable they are two. I put my trust in god. Right now i dont have money for there school clothes. I got some but i know god will make away out of know where he always do. This has been a all battle of faith,this walk has been hard,but i am a fighter. After i pay bills and buy food to put on the table,there is none left, sense i been sick. But some way and some how god show,s up. I give him all the glory and praise,i dont have much but what i have god gave it to me. So when you fine life, to hard. Just think someone is having harder then you,and that god love,s you and he will bring you through any and everthing if you trust in him. May god bless and keep you in his loving arms

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