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Gardens Of Art

--by oregonrawk, posted Aug 7, 2012

Our neighbor grows the most amazing gardens! They are real works of art. The beauty she creates spills out even to her neighbor's yards with amazing displays of color. 

Out front her husband and her have a honor system pay box where they put out affordable pottery and bouquets that cost much less than you would pay anywhere else. Because they do that I can afford to buy them and give them as gifts to my family and others. 
This year I have volunteered my time to help her in the garden; to help in the beautification of our neighborhood.

It brings me such joy to serve her and others. I hope my happiness spills out in love and joy to others who, in turn, pay if forward with goodness all around our beautiful town.


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jsmc10 wrote: This was such a lovely thing to do, thank you for sharing :)
dr.bbalnarayana wrote: In the garden, the kind we find
Heart and mind feels sympathy
Pleases the eyes, and nose
Generous in working and passing time
Sure the passer by aims and stays
For a while appreciating the artistry
Targeting others to intrigue is appreciable
irock wrote: What a lovely gesture. Someone once shared a quote that i loved.

"i would rather have fresh flowers on my table than diamonds in my ears"
Jami2D wrote: Love it! I am very into my yard and i think it feels so good when somebody driving by stops to say how nice my flowers look. Good job! :)
moral12 wrote: That sounds like such a neat neighbor you have; very kind of her to share her garden bounty and artistic talents with others. Thank you for sharing your story about her garden. :)
bilkis yusuf wrote: I love gardens, in nature you find the beauty, symmetry and peace, god bless you for helping create a beautiful environment.
denisemj wrote: Love to see beautiful gardens. Thanks for sharing :)
Tasneem wrote: May god induce the same helpful spirit in all of us!
princessliz wrote: Flowers are always nice :) Thanks for sharing.
starryskies wrote: Wow, I love this story. What a great way to spread beauty and share your gifts! :)

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