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The Monkey Lives On!

--by ourkatie, posted Aug 16, 2012

Coming home after a work's evening out I lost my purse. I guessed it had fallen out my bag as I was being dropped off. While it was probably very close to my house I couldn't find it and had to cancel my debit cards, etc. 

I'd had the purse for ten years as it was a Christmas present. It was a bright, red leather, Cheeky Monkey purse, so probably not very grown up for a 36 year old but I was very upset to have lost him!
Everyone I spoke to said I might get the purse back eventually but the money and vouchers in there would very likely disappear. I had therefore written off the contents of the purse and was even considering whether to move on and go "grown-up" when I was seeking a replacement. 
I came home late the next night and my monkey purse was on my mat! I checked the contents and everything was intact including anything of cash value. I was astounded when I read the accompanying note which read, "I found this last night. It was too dark to go through it then, so I came back tonight. I got your address from your license. Sorry. Iain."  
Not only had this man returned my purse but he was apologizing for not bringing it back sooner! 
I have told everyone I know and the standard response was, "It restores your faith in human nature" and it prompted lots of stories about similar positive experiences. 
There were no contact details so am unable to get in touch to say thank you to Iain, but I hope he gets to know how grateful I am!


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Vallabhi wrote: Its so nice to read something like this as start for our day. Thank you very much for sharing, very inspiring. Bless you
Take care
jsmc10 wrote: Wow, amazing, thank you for sharing :)
rita wrote: God bless lain for being so kind.
Dr.Shailesh wrote: It is indeed reflecting greatness of soul. Also if one looks within- whenever we try to make some one happy,we become happy first and whenever some one is hurt by us ,we also suffer within. Iain though has opted to remain unknown to you,in scheme of mother nature he must already has his fulfillment and gratification at heart. Before obliging others we are obliging our selves. Does that seem true? If only this much is realized mankind would be at better heights.
annjav wrote: That just goes to show, there are more of us around than we know. Bless him for his honesty and kindness!
dr.bbalnarayana wrote: The story is of divine in nature
Getting amount with labor is the dearest to get
Loosing is common to all
Only the genuine one comes back without effort
The is the secret of true and genuine
Femi wrote: Miracles still happen.
Anjana wrote: Truly, it restores faith. The innate nature of mankind is kind and helpful- lets not lose faith and be grateful for all the happy moments:))
Shelley wrote: I have lern a lot from it. If the word have more person like iain,the word will be more better
Anne wrote: I love hearing stories like this, makes my heart smile!

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