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Wet Feet

--by Anon, posted Jul 9, 2006
One snowy, slushy, wet day I only had a few minutes to go out and get a coffee before I had to be back at work. I ran out without my coat, in thin shoes and it was freezing. Blocking my path was a huge puddle of icy water. I must of looked pretty forlorn because an elderly gentleman on the other side of the street removed his hat and bowed to me saying, "Madam, were I but 20 years younger I would carry you across." It was a small thing to do for a stranger, but it certainly warmed me up!
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Maureen Flanagan wrote: When I was in hospital and just given birth to my first child a lady use to come in and dust and sweep. I would say 'Hello' and she would never answer. I did this repeatedly and no answer. I thought she may have been deaf. I was told that she was mute and had been because she had been in a concentration camp. She had recovered but some children threw 'crackers' at her window letting off very loud 'bangs', and she never spoke from that day on. On the day I was going home and said would she be my friend. No answer. I left her some magazines and told the staff to give them to her. I had left the hospital with my husband a new born child. Then I realised I had forgotten to ask the doctor something. I went back with my baby and husband. They said the lady had indicated she wanted to see me. She hugged me so tightly and held me. She had tears in her eyes. The hospital was hushed in silence. Not a word passed her lips. Two years later I heard a conversation on the radio which stopped me on my tracks. they were talking about the lady and the magazines and the events. Unknown to me at the time that day she spoked for the first time in all those years. they said the psychiatrist said it was the first time she trusted anyone and that broke her silence.
Just the fact that I heard that conversation on the radio and my husband did too I thought was amazing and how happy was I to think this lady spoke again. 'Embrace each day because it is a gift'. (Maureen)

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