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The Snack Machine

--by jules101980, posted Sep 15, 2012

The other day I had an appointment at my psychiatrist's office. It's a pretty big place so they have a soda dispenser and a snack machine. 

I usually like my appointments later in the afternoon or early evening. When I was done I asked the receptionist for some tape, grabbed some paper from my purse, and wrote, "This is a random act of kindness. This snack is on me. Have a nice day! =)"  
I took the note, a Smile card and a one dollar bill, and taped them on the glass of the machine. 
I wanted to stay to see the person who got to the snack machine first, but I had to get home to the kids. 
Even though it was a tiny act of kindness, it still made me feel really really great! I hope that person passed the Smile card on with another act of kindness!


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jsmc10 wrote: This is such a great idea, thank you for sharing :)
bookworm58 wrote: What a great idea. I will do that too.

Sometimes there are people who would like a snack except they dont have any change at all. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.
Pamala wrote: I love this idea.
Thaata wrote: Though a small act of kindness but done with great love which brings lots and lots of happiness that has ripple effect.
PHSteacher wrote: I absolutely love this idea. Like franji, i have trouble finding ways to do things anonymously. I have been wanting to pay for a student to take the act but haven't figured out how i can do it without identifying information. I haven't given up, though.
Jami2d wrote: Very "sweet" gesture:> i bet you a mom who can't dig out enough change from the bottom of her purse because her arms are full of kiddos will be very happy. Very good idea!
Franji wrote: Thats a great idea - i'm finding it quite a challenge to create giveaways where the recipient doesn't know who you are so this is an excellent one. Thank you.
kcsmiles wrote: What a cool way to do something for someone else!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: A great thing to do, nice going! :)
moral12 wrote: no doubt made someone very happy to find your dollar and your note. Kudos to you!

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