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Opportunities Abound While Standing in Line

--by satonya_perry, posted Nov 2, 2012

While I was waiting in line at the store, I noticed a sweet elderly lady next to me. She was adding up her items quietly to herself as they were being rung up by the cashier.  

Out of know where, I said "Ma'am, I will be buying your items today."

A bit taken aback, she smiled and said, "Thank you."

When I paid for them, I was filled with such a feeling of giving and thoughtfulness inside. I am the one who is thankful! :)

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thaata wrote: Spontaneous act of kindness are surprises to both and bring happiness to all. Nice of you to think of others.
jsmc10 wrote: Unexpected act of kindness, lovely :)
Essy wrote: May god continue shwering yuou with more blessings for your kindness your already blessed.
Glowworm wrote: Beautiful! I can feel that woman's relief, not worrying about if she had enough money because you came to the rescue.

It's a fantastic feeling, sharing with others. I need to get back to it!

Thanks for the inspiration :)
princessliz wrote: Glad she allowed you to receive your blessing for being the giver :) Liked how you did it too, so polite.
Nice going!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That was very kind of you and I'm sure she appreciated it more than you know! :)
Midula wrote: What a wonderful gift. I agree the way you performed your act of kindness was in a thoughtful maner.
starryskies wrote: Beautiful story! Thanks for being so generous! :)

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