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A Pair of Sunglasses

--by Joy, posted Jul 12, 2006
I always seem to lose or toss sunglasses in my car. I noticed I did the same in my boyfriend's car recently. We both joked about them, but then we pulled up to a man at a street corner. It was a bright day and he was hoping someone would offer him some food or a bit of change. Instead, we gave him a pair of our sunglasses - the sun was so bright and he looked like he was a regular there.

Later that afternoon, on our way home, we pulled up at the same corner to see him wearing my sunglasses. We had the window down, and between lights he thanked us and mentioned that he hasn't enjoyed a beautiful day in so long.
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thaata wrote: What you gave the man was happiness which god intended us to do always. Thanks for sharing the story. Wishing you strength and happiness to be kind always.
Thata wrote: A seemingly small gesture on our part would be a big change in someone else's life.
thaata wrote: Joy, you bought such joy to that person. Giving doesnot mean only money. Anything which brings happiness to others will do.
Lilli wrote: This reminded me of something I used to do some 20 years ago. It was a very cold winter in Salinas, Ca. I would go to the Dollar Store and buy mittens, knitted hats, and gloves. Whenever I would drive around and notice a homeless person without one of these items, I would ask if they would like one. I received such a blessing to see their face light up, as I would drive away I'd call out to them and say, GOD BLESS YOU. It made me feel good that not only their body, but soul would be warmer over such an inexpensive item. On Friday nights I go to the bakery and buy day old donuts and offer them to the teenage boys skateboarding in the parking lot. If I had extra I get them a hot chocolate. Those were the happiest days of my life.
Bob Shank wrote: You found out that when you give from the heart, it is accepted from the receiver's heart. Nice going!
Dhara wrote: That's a really nice thought. thanks for inspiring me to do something as simple and generoud as that. i'm sure that was a very beautiful day.
Brinda wrote: Hey that was really cool thing to do !!! :)
I will use your idea and give my hat/umbrella to a needy person..

Thanks for the great idea !
Have a good time :)

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