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Sunglasses For Goggles

--by omiti, posted Oct 31, 2012

I would like to share an experience which motivated me to help people more. 

I was in my office (in a down-town hospital) a fourth-grade worker was painting the ceiling and I heard him complaining to his co-worker about the paint getting in his eyes. He asked if there was an extra pair of goggles. But there wasn't.
Then I remembered  I had a pair of unused sunglasses at home. So, the next day I brought them in for him to use as goggles. He seemed so happy and said, "Oh! I cant wear such a nice, stylish, goggles for painting! These are so valuable to me I will take great care of them!" 
Hearing him say that made me so emotional and helped me realize the value of the things we throw away. That pair of sunglasses were nothing to me, but for him they were luxury goods! 
From then on I always try to help the poor and needy people whenever I can.


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jsmc10 wrote: Thank you for being there to help, it certainly does make you think about what you are grateful for :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That was very kind of you, nice going!
moral12 wrote: Very thoughtful of you to share your extra pair of sunglasses with the painter.
divanurse wrote: He will always remember your gift and kindness and he paints more places.
cf wrote: Funny, eh, how something that collects dust in our home can be such a treasure to someone else. I just love giving stuff away for free.
omiti wrote: @cf.... its not funny at all....... its absolutely a true story and it really happens...... may be a millionairess's wastage can be valuable and useful good for me too(I am just assuming, hope its not true :P)
starryskies wrote: What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing your blessings with another! :)

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