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World Kindness Week Day 4 - Smoothies On Campus

--by cabbage, posted Nov 16, 2012

I was walking around a college campus today (not my own) and I picked up two smoothies with the intention of giving them away.

As I was walking a young man joked, "Hey, she got a smoothie for me!" 
I walked up to him and said, "You're right! Please have it." Of course, he was a bit taken aback and said no. I said, "It's okay. I have one for your friend too." 
They took them and we started walking and talking. He asked if I was a professor and I said I was but not at that college. We had a long conversation about their academic and career plans, etc., and I gave some mentoring advice to them.
It was so great to just connect for that time with those students who were new to their campus. It made my day!


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thaata wrote: Wonderful way to connect with people and bring joy all round.
heartwarmer wrote: I'm sure you made their day too! Great job!
jsmc10 wrote: Aww, this was so kind of you :)
emackaroni83 wrote: Wow! What a way to connect to a student who may have needed a boost!
dr.bbalnarayana wrote: It is a darned noble position to bring something in hand
If spared for the needy, it is the epitome of humanity
My gratitude for the act of help
denisemj wrote: How nice of you to care about those students.
BlueSky wrote: I imagine they were surprised that someone gifted smoothies to them. Things like that do not happen everyday.
gkrb wrote: Just beautiful!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome! I love reading about random acts like that. And how kind of you to give them both away!
moral12 wrote: Two nice gestures in your random acts of kindness: feeding their literal hunger, and, mentoring for their intellectual and emotional hunger. Kudos to you, Prof! :)

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