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Parking Lot Samaritan

--by joesmith, posted Sep 17, 2013
After running errands with my daughter one day, I walked back to the car reminiscing with her about the nice people we'd had the pleasure to interact with.

As I pulled my car keys from my coat pocket, my daughter pointed out, "Something just flew under the car."  Remembering that I had placed my debit card and ID in my pocket so I could access them easily in the checkout line, I knew exactly what had flown under our car.

I crouched down to see them. My debit card and ID were wedged behind my tire, almost out of sight. Another woman in the parking lot saw my struggle, walked over to me, and asked if she could help.

Without even waiting for me to answer, she said, "I see them!"
Then, she got down on her knees and fished my cards from behind the tire of my car. As she handed them to me she remarked, "Oh, you don't want to loose these."  

As I watched her as she walked away, I thought about the wonderfully kind people I had encountered over the previous two hours. I remembered with particular fondness the woman who started it all when she held the door open for the man behind her and inspired both him and me to pay the good will forward.
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Aurelia wrote: You never know when someone is going to surprise you. What a great way to connect. The ripples of kindness are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. ~aurelia :0) smiles are contagious
NiceNora wrote: These are the best kind of acts of kindness. They take so little time, they're easy, aren't big, heroics or anything like that, but mean so very much to the recipient and when i do something so simple, it gets me out of myself and can improve my mood so much, as well as re-energize me.
jlsmith wrote: I just love these kinds of stories! Kindness and thoughtfulness multiply upon themselves, creating compounding joy!
brindlegirl wrote: Yes, yes yes! And what i love most is how kindness flows. It has the most amazing and wonderful butterfly affect.
4everblooming wrote: Yes there is a lot of goodness. Out-there. All around us. I think the media concentrates too much on the negative. This kindness project is sooo worth while.
Glowworm wrote: That was very nice of her. I remember my mom finding a bunch of cards, credit and debit and maybe even a driver's license. She would not rest until she saw everything back in the right person's hands :)
Bluebellgirl wrote: There are good people in this world, you just have to know where to look. Nice people give me hope in this plane that may , at times, seems incredibly hopeless.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: So many people just walk by and ignore opportunities to show kindness like that. Glad that was not the case for you! :)

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