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A Loaf of Bread

--by Anon, posted Apr 3, 2006
When I decided to be a part of the smile card experiment, the first person that came to mind to target was Lara, a fellow member of my research group and a mentor. I couldn't think of the perfect thing for her yet and on top of that found out that it was her birthday 2 months back. The next day, at a local deli, inspiration struck when I saw their freshly baked honey wheat bread.

I picked up a loaf and headed to lab. Unfortunately or fortunately, Lara wasn't in her office, so I put a note on the loaf reading: Lara, Happy Belated Birthday! I really like this honey wheat bread and thought you would enjoy!

An hour later, she comes by and I innocently tell her someone left a package for her. She reads the note and immediately looks at me, "Did you leave this?"

I try my best to mask my guilt and say no, while knowing my smile is giving me away, but she believes me. She proceeds to think it was other students in her lab and pulls of their lab notebook to compare handwriting! Thank goodness, she didn't check mine! She thinks she's discovers the gift-giver and asks her when she comes by 30 minutes later. Her guess was wrong and she comes back to me again, "You left this, didn't you?"

Now its even harder to disguise myself, a smile has spread on my face from seeing her joy and I proceed to tell her that it wasn't me and that she should simply accept the present as a token of kindness and move on instead of playing detective. And she believes me! ANYONE else, would've been able to see that I was lying.

After she tries some warm bread and thoroughly enjoys it, I leave lab and bid her a good evening. 1 hour later I find this email that was sent to the ENTIRE division at the lab:

I would like to thank the mystery person left who left a loaf of very fresh sliced bread today in 70-201 with a 'belated birthday' note to me attached.

This bread is delicious.

The loaf will be in my office in 70-202 as long as it lasts. Come byand have some, if you wish.

- Lara

Her joy was completely contagious and giving her the present anonymously made the experience even better.

Thank you for the smile cards!

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jsmc10 wrote: So wonderful of you :)
TXWildflower wrote: Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. You have given me another great idea to share a few smiles in the future! God bless you!
moral12 wrote: Great idea (and, sounds delicious, too! )
shay wrote: This article is very sweet and it got me an a on my paper.
Aurelia wrote: What a neat way to make someone feel happy! Sharing bread. Yum! I think i shall steal this idea and make mini loafs to share at the school i work at.
flowerpower wrote: That was really nice. Ive never actually done something nice for anyone for a long time, but after reading this story, this idea is a good place to start. Thanx much. And may the kindness continue to spread :)

fredobeng wrote: i received your smile letter last week ago.but i want u to brief me more about smile,is it just to smile to a friend or it has a different meaning alltogether?
nicky wrote: awwwwwwwwww thats really sweet of u

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