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Snow Angel

--by Anonymous, posted Apr 4, 2006
I was at work and it had been snowing all day. I peeked outside about an hour before leaving work and I was terrified to see that every square inch of my car had been blanketed in about 8 inches of snow. I stayed in the office a few minutes after 5 trying to figure out how I would get the snow off of my car in heals, a skirt and no window scraper! I finally sucked it up and walked outside. To my surprise as well as relief, my car was completely clean of snow. My windows were scraped, even the headlights had been cleaned off! "Who did this?" I was puzzled, but so grateful! The next day at work, I prodded everyone I knew to find the culprit, but no one could tell me....they all denied the good deed. The following day, a co-working named Brian said "So, were you wondering who cleaned off your car?" I knew then that Brian was my little snow angel. He said, "Yeah, my car was heating up, I needed something to do for 5 or 10 minutes." He brushed it off as if it was an act of boredom, but I know that he has a kind and pure heart and what he did was an act of kindness.
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Rajni wrote: Sometimes, god showers kindness with the snow. You got what you dearly deserve.
Wai Yan Tin Tun wrote: Thank you for your sharing because i got an inspire to act like your snow angel. Thank
trooper2 wrote: Thanks for sharing your snow angel story. It is inspiring. I will keep it in mind. Smiles 4 the miles
TXWildflower wrote: My, what a wonderful and inspiring story! I hope there are lots more caring 'snow angels" out there to help us elderly and disabled.
patricia gordon wrote: This blessed my day
Rosh1227 wrote: So sweet (and so simple! ) your snow angel is amazing!
SmileSharer wrote: He was your little snow angel and also an inspiration to use those 5-10 minutes to brighten up someone's day.
jsmc10 wrote: So wonderful :)
A2Zmom4 wrote: I love that story since i usually clean off car next to mine while mine heats up, too. I figure as long as i'm out there & full of snow, i might as well share the fun! I've never had anybody ask, though (not that i'd admit it anyway) happy weekend!
thaata wrote: To understand the problems others face and trying to help them get through is a fine way of living.

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