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Flames of Gratitude

--by myfbil, posted Sep 18, 2013
The other day, my husband and I found out that his co-worker's house caught on fire and suffered major damages. 

We wanted to reach out and support their family, but debated whether or not we could afford to donate to the collection. 

Then it occurred to me that, even though I don't have enough to pay our bills this week, these people don't have clothes to send their daughter to school the next day!!

With gratitude for all that we have, we donated $50 to the family, and will find a way to make due for the coming week.
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Readers Comments

Willie wrote: What an act of love and kindness!
klw4 wrote: Knowing that you cared enough to respond probably meant a lot to this family. Your story encourages me to stretch more or dig a little deeper when we know we have something that can help someone else.
suebobdavis wrote: Beautiful.
AK wrote: Awesome!

Abundance is nature's way and that is what you connected with inside you. I have found that the more i connect with this abundance inside of me and the more i give away thoughts related to a poverty mindset, the wealthier i get and feel.
Aurelia wrote: It is something how, if we really try, we can make due. I am so proud of you for donating a large amount like that to help that unfortunate family. Sharing this story will open our eyes and help us to think of others and say yes and make due. When it really would be easier to say no. Yes! You are amazing! :0)~aurelia
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That was very kind of you!
trueblue wrote: Very unselfish of you especially when you were struggling yourself.. god bless you
myfbil wrote: Sometimes one must stop to think who needs what the most, and realize that others are happy with less than what I have...this makes it much easier to help others in need.
Thank you for your kind words. Have a sunshine day. :)
A2Zmom4 wrote: God doesn't give us what we can handle; he helps us handle what we are given. There's a lot most can't handle - but there's absolutely nothing God cannot handle! Have faith and God Bless!!
myfbil wrote: I have to agree with you A2Zmom4. Thank you for your inspirational message. Have a sunshine day! :)

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