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All the Little Bits

--by jacdee, posted Jan 2, 2013
Yesterday, my daughter turned thirteen.
We had some guests over to celebrate, and amidst the festivities, a gift that her father bought her before he died broke. The gift had meant a lot to my daughter, and it was a sharp reminder of his absence when it broke. We all felt a bit emotional.
Then, this morning, I woke up to the sound of rattling in the kitchen. When I got out of bed to investigate, I found my 7-year-old baby, sprawled on the kitchen floor with garbage bin contents strewn around. The little one was sifting through al the debris to locate all the broken bits. I sat down and together, we put together my daughter's gift by the time she woke up.

Today, I've tasted a bit of true goodness and feel content with the world! 

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thaata wrote: Children are such angels with full of love and compassion. No expectations except the joy they bring to others. God bless your daughter.
kidzfirst wrote: Isn't wonderful to see such kindness in children without being asked. What a touching story.
jsmc10 wrote: Oh bless, this is such a touching story, thanks for sharing :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Very nice! :)
AhouseforSilas wrote: Wow That made me cry but It was for the good That is kindness from your daughter and very caring

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