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A Free Ride To Scotland

--by syra3, posted Jan 5, 2013
I was employed as a Housing Officer, dealing with housing and homlessness issues. 
A young man aged 18 came into our office in Yorkshire, England. He had been visiting the area with friends when his wallet was stolen. Now he couldn't get back home to Scotland. He asked for help. 
My job was assessing housing applications and dealing with homelessness, not providing money for travel. When I explained to the young man that we couldn't help him he stated to cry! He said his mother was disabled and didn't know where he was. His phone had been stolen with his wallet and he hadn't contacted her for the past two days. 
I asked him to wait outside until I finished work at 5.30pm. Then I tried to think of a way to help him.
After work I drove him all the way to Scotland! We arrived at his mother's house at 10.30pm. She was in a wheel chair as she answered the door. I saw tears in her eyes as she thanked me and she wanted to give me twenty pounds for helping her son. I took one Scottish pound note just to remember that day. 
I hoped that if my son had ever experienced something similar, someone one would be kind enough to bring him home to me. 
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Readers Comments

Ally wrote: I agree. I hope that if my son was away from me that someone would show him kindness so he could come home to me.
MonkeyLoverR wrote: Oh, wow! This story just about brought tears to my eyes! You are such a wonderful person to have done such a thing! I wish you all the best! Thank you!
gkrb wrote: Very nice! You will always have the blessings of both mother and son. God bless you.
GuessWhat wrote: Wow, what a lovely act!
Betty wrote: Gosh, i wish i would have had that ifonarmtion earlier!
bilkis wrote: What an inspiration for others to do the same, helping people in need is the most wondeful thing u can do, god bless u
Heavensto wrote: Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is so rewarding! Keep up the good work!
thaata wrote: Nobility lies in the heart. Sometimes listen to your heart and disregard what your mind says. Kindness is never wasted even if it is not appreciated or reciprocated.
Mobobacas wrote: Thank you for your help! Wow. What an impact have you had in this man's life. This inspires me to do the same.
Vallabhi wrote: Wow thats soo nice of you. You are an inspiration - may we all be able to help those in need & make this world a lil more beuatifull & caring. Lots of love, take care

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