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An Unforgettable Birthday Gift

--by Laksmi, posted Jul 24, 2006
My daughter's birthday is May 29. She was 6 by then. As it was Monday, we prefered to celebrate it earlier, i.e. on Saturday 27 May. This was easier for me as I'm free on Saturdays. On Thursday the entire family was busy packing the presents and putting funny pins on them. I promised my litte princess that I would wake her up early in the morning and distribute the presents to her classmates.

I woke up at 05:30. After I took a bath, I planned to wake her up ... but.... as I came out from the bathroom, I realized that an earthquake struck. I screamed to wake my husband up and asked him to carry my daughter; and ran out of our house. We were watching our house swaying from outside. It happened for just 3 minutes, but... the piano thumbled down, tiles came down, some cracks appeared on the wall.

Nevertheles, as we had planned, I went to my daughter's school at 08:00 but no one was there except the teacher who warned us to get back to our house as tsunami might come soon. I was stunned, and drove my car home. On the way home I heard a police cried out loud:"Stay calm, no tsunami, it's only issue!!"

Arrived at my house, I was wondering about the presents: to whom we should deliver? After some discussion, we decided to give them to the children in hospital. Entering the hospital, I was really stunned. There were thousands of people bleeding and lying outside the rooms.

A boy came up with a bandage on his head. He stared at me with his questioning eyes as if he wanted to say: "Could I have one?" Quickly I handed over one present to him. He received it then ran to his mom, shouted:"Mommy...there's a turtle pin on it!!" His eyes glittered. God,I can't ever forget his glittering eyes!!!

What a PRECIOUS PRESENT You've given me, my Lord! I cried silently while continuing to distribute the presents to other children.
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Rajni wrote: Your pure heart and good intentions gave you this unforgettable birthday gift. Thanks for this very inspiring story.
Julie wrote: Amazing! What was the present is a question to ask?
thaata wrote: When selfishness reigns in during such touch situation, your hearts filled with love and kindness and gifted those presents to children bringing invaluable happiness to them and to yourself. Thank you.
sally1 wrote: Really appreciate your stability of the mind when trapped in such situation. Overall your thought fullness for others. Yes it is the affirmation that there are lot of loving people still living in this world of selfishness.
Sankar De wrote: God's ways are not our ways. Besides I believe He uses people who depend on Him for his purposes
Mira wrote: Lord,thanks alot that you don't forget anybody, you put love inside the hearts of this family to think of others and to have mercy on them.You expressed your love to this child through the kind family. God, help me to have mercy on others like this family.
Kat wrote: That is an amazing and touching story!
Michelle wrote: My what I said I read about your families kindness and willingnees to stop and think of others during such a tough time. My Lord I think as tears fill my eyes, it's amazing at just how kind people are. Unselfish, you are unselfish...
Meghna wrote: Being able to bring a smile on a child's face is the biggest achievement ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful Thought !!!!!!!!

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