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Looking for Josephs

--by Della, posted Jul 28, 2006
She stood looking at every tag on the tree for over an hour. Ten years old and a heart of gold, she decided that she would give up one of her Christmas gifts to the boy named Joseph who needed clothes but wanted a skateboard.

Money was tight in our household but her argument was "Mom, I have a lot to be thankful for; maybe he doesn't have that much." That year when she unwrapped her empty gift box, she read the word Joseph in it. My daughter smiled her beautiful smile and we cried.

Ten years later, I lost that daughter in a car accident.

It's been 9 years and each Christmas I stand in front of the tree of angels at the store for an hour, searching for the "Josephs" who will get her gifts.

One year, a 15 year old girl wrote, "My baby brother needs clothes more than I need a photo album and film." So I got her box of scrapbook and photo supplies and I hope they had as much fun with it as I had shopping for her.

I know my Angel girl was watching over me that year. The girl's name was Johanna ... the same as my daughter.
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mei wrote: Dear Della,
Thank you for sharing your story...
I understand the grief and sense of loss to lose your daughter, as myself had lose 2 brothers,...but always remembering the good times, the precious memories and Johanna's legacy, her kindness and caring for others...without her shining example, many of the Josephs are forgotten, so God will see you thro and may you have peace, joy...
Lee wrote: PROFOUND!Everyone should have learned a lesson. So young to be so selfless! She obviously had good examples in her family.
MJ wrote: you never know when god sends you an angel now we know
Riona wrote: Oh Della,
That made me cry.
Sad, and joyous, and hopeful.

thank you.
sathsath wrote: Dear della, I realize our johana purpose on earth was limited to show the power and joy in sharing, when she caused to happen, her role was total,and went to perform better elsewhere,leaving the treasure of great deeds for all of us,AN ANGEL.
Brighter days wrote: What a wonderful idea! I don't have children but this could be a great idea for work or even instead of picking a name with my family. Thank you.
evelyn wrote: If only every adult in this world will have a heart like Johanna's, there will be no more Josephs in need. What an example of selflessness!
maryann wrote: Beautiful story, Della. It brought tears to my eyes.
Meenakshi B wrote:
Dear Della,
Very appreciative that such a young girl think so much beyond her happiness. We need many more Johannas in this world and more parents like you who have given these values to their children.
God's children!!
Meenakshi B.
Meghna wrote: I was so touched after reading about Johanna that i had tears in my eyes ..... God Bless her beautiful soul.

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